Unlock Guide

Unlocking Urgents

Elder Quests

1* Elder Quests:
- Slay 5 Giapreys
- Obtain 5 Popo Tongues
- Slay 3 Blangos

Urgent: Hunt a Giadrome

2* Elder Quests:
-Hunt a Bulldrome
-Hunt a Yian Kut-Ku
-Hunt a Congalala
-Obtain 3 Piscine Livers

Urgent: Hunt a Khezu

3* elder quests:
-Slay 10 Blangos
-Hunt a Daimyo Hermitaur
-Hunt a Gypceros
-Obtain 10 Special Mushrooms

Urgent: Hunt a Blangonga

4* Elder Quests:
-Hunt a Monoblos
-Hunt a Basarios
-Hunt a Shogun Ceanataur
-Obtain 15 Coal

Urgent: Hunt a Tigrex

5* Elder Quests:
-Hunt Pur & Reg Gypceros
-Hunt a Diablos
-Hunt Dual Daimyo Hermitaur
-Hunt a Gravios,

Urgent: Hunt Rathalos and Rathian

6* Elder Quests:
-Hunt Diablos & Black Diablos
-Hunt a Pink Rathian
-Hunt an Azure Rathalos

1st Urgent: Slay/Repel a Shen Gaoren
2nd Urgent: Hunt a Hypnoc

Felyne Elder Quests

7* Felyne Elder Quests:
-Hunt a Basarios
-Hunt a Khezu
-Hunt as many Congalalas as you can
-Slay 20 Bullfangos

Urgent: Hunt Monoblos and White Monoblos

8* Felyne Elder Quests:
-Hunt 2 Hypnocks
-Hunt a Yian Garuga
-Hunt as many Blangongas as you can
-Hunt as many Shogun Ceanataurs as you can

Urgent: Hunt a Narugakaruga

9* Felyne Elder Quests:
-Hunt dual Tigrex
-Hunt a Rajang
-Hunt a Silver Rathalos
-Hunt a Golden Rathian
-Hunt Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian
-Slay/Repel Shen Gaoren

Urgent: Slay an Akantor

Guild Low Rank Quests

HR1 3* Low Rank Quests:
-Hunt a Giadrome
-Hunt a Cephadrome
-Hunt a Congalala
-Hunt a Daimyo Hermitaur

Urgent: Hunt a Blangonga

HR2 4* Low Rank Quests:
-Hunt a Khezu
-Hunt a Plesioth
-Slay 20 Hermitaurs
-Hunt a Shogun Ceanataur
-Slay 20 Bullfangos
-Hunt an Iodrome

Urgent: Hunt a Tigrex

HR3 5* Low Rank Quests:
-Hunt a Tigrex
-Hunt a Rathalos
-Hunt a Rathian
-Hunt a Diablos
-Hunt a Gravios

Urgent: Slay/Repel Shen Gaoren

Guild High Rank Quests

HR4 6* High Rank Quests:
-Hunt 2 Gendromes
-Hunt 2 Daimyo Hermitaurs
-Hunt a Congalala
-Hunt Yian Kut-Ku and Blue Kut-Ku

Urgent: Slay/Repel Azure Lao-Shan Lung

HR5 7* High Rank Quests:
-Hunt 2 Blangongas
-Hunt a Red Khezu
-Hunt a Green Plesioth
-Hunt a Rathalos
-Hunt a Basarios

Urgent: Hunt 2 Tigrex

HR6 8* High Rank Quests:
-Hunt a Black Diablos
-Hunt a Black Gravios
-Hunt a Gold Rathian
-Hunt a Silver Rathalos
-Hunt Blue Rathalos and Pink Rathian

1st Urgent: Slay/Repel Shen Gaoren
2nd Urgent: Slay an Akantor
3rd Urgent: Hunt 2 Hypnocks

Guild G Rank Quests

HR7 1* G Rank Quests:
-Hunt a Purple Daimyo Hermitaur
-Hunt a Khezu
-Hunt a Plesioth
-Hunt a Green Congalala
-Hunt dual Purple Gypceros

Urgent: Hunt a Narugakaruga

HR8 2* G Rank Quests:
-Hunt a Volganos
-Hunt the Blue and Red Shogun Ceanataur
-Hunt a Rathalos
-Hunt a Rathian
-Hunt a Brown Blangonga

Urgent: Slay a Yamatsukami

H9 3* G Rank Quests:
-Hunt a Tigrex
-Hunt dual Black Diablos
-Hunt a Gravios
-Hunt a Silver Rathalos
-Hunt a Gold Rathian
-Slay/Repel Shen Gaoren

Urgent: Slay an Ucamulbas

Unlocking Hidden

Elder Hidden Quests

Garuga - Hunt 10 Yian Kut-Ku

Dual Rajang - Finish all other Elder Rank Quests

Felyne Elder Hidden Quests

Ash Lao-Shan Lung - Clear all 7*&8* Marathon Quests

Kushala Daora/Lunastra - Clear all 7*&8* Single Monster Quests

Teostra/Chameleos - Clear all 9* Single Monster Quests

Monster Hunter Quest - Clear all Felyne Elder Quests(including Akantor Urgent)

Guild Low Rank Hidden Quests

Guild High Rank Hidden Quests

Fatalis - Clear all Battle & Special Training quests at least once each

Crimson Fatalis - Slay Black Fatalis

White Fatalis - Slay all all Elder Dragons up to 5 or more times, and Slay 3 or more Fatalis/Crimson Fatalis, then Slay Crimson Fatalis(Unlocked)

Guild G Rank Hidden Quests

Ash Lao-Shan Lung - Clear all G1* & G2* Marathon Quests

Elder Dragons - Slay G2* Lao-Shan Lung

Fatalis - Clear all 8 G Rank Training at least once each

Crimson Fatalis - Clear all G3* Elder Dragons twice, Clear G3* Fatalis

White Fatalis - Clear all G3* Marathon Quests, Clear G3* Crimson Fatalis

Unlocking Training

Battle Training

Yian Kut-Ku Training - Hunt a Yian Kut-Ku

Congalala Training - Hunt a Congalala

Khezu Training - Hunt a Khezu

Daimyo Hermitaur Training - Hunt a Daimyo Hermitaur

Blangonga Training - Hunt a Blangonga

Yian Garuga Training - Hunt a Yian Garuga

Tigrex Training - Hunt a Tigrex

Diablos Training - Hunt a Diablos

Gravios Training - Hunt a Gravios

Kirin Training - Hunt a Kirin

Special Training

Cephadrome - Hunt a Cephadrome, and Complete Yian Kut-Ku & Congalala Training

Plesioth - Hunt a Plesioth, and Complete Khezu & Daimyo Hermitaur Training

Shogun Ceanataur - Hunt a Shogun Ceantaur, and Complete the Blangonga & Yian Garuga Training

Rathalos - Hunt a Rathalos, and Complete Tigrex & Diablos Training

Rajang - Hunt a Rajang, and complete the Gravios & Kirin Training

G Rank Training

Hypnoc - Hunt a G Rank Hypnoc

Green Congalala - Hunt a Green Congalala

Purple Daimyo Hermitaur - Hunt a Purple Daiymo Hermitaur

Narugakuruga - Hunt a G Rank Narugakuruga

Volganos - Hunt a Volganos

Brown Blangonga - Hunt a Brown Blangonga

Red Shogun Ceanataur - Hunt a Red Shogun Ceantaur

Rajang - Hunt a G Rank Rajang

Group Training

Cephadrome - Hunt a Cephadrome in the Guild Hall

Rathian Training - Hunt 10 Rathians

Dual Shogun Ceanataur Training - Complete HR5 Dual Shogun Ceanataur guild quest

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