Is a subspecies of Akantor, a psuedo-wyvern.

What does it look like?
It is a whitish version of the Akantor. It does not have huge fangs but only has small, sharp teeth, it bears a large chin for digging easily underground, and its tail is quite plump.

Where to fight it?
In the new environment of MHP2ndG called the "Snowy Battlefield".

Breakable parts
Head x2, front claws x2, back, stomach(underside), and the tail can be cut.

There are some modifications to Akantor's attacks, and a new move would be the jumping attack,where Ucalmulbas place its front claws at its sides and jumps forwards. its most dangerous move however is the digging charge, its difficult to attack or flee unless prepared for it and will do massive damage to any armor.

Fire(most effective), Thunder and Dragon

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