Training School

Training School gives the Hunter(Player) a chance to familiarize themselves with the game and the some of the many monsters within. The only catch is you cannot bring your own stuff, you must use what the training school provides you with to finish the Training Quest. Also the monster specific training will require you unlock them first. Rewards range from many kinds of "Coins" and "Tickets" based on difficulty, and in some cases you may recieve "Expand Pickaxes".

Solo Training

Your all alone, so take your time and fight through these quests as best you can.

Beginner Training

Weapon Training

11 Total Quests

I recommend coming here at the start of your new game, you can test out the 11 weapon types within the game before making your final decision on your weapon.

Battle Training

10 Total

Yian Kut-Ku - Great Arena

Congalala - Great Arena

Khezu - Great Arena

Daimyo Hermitaur - Great Arena

Blangonga - Great Arena

Yian Garuga - Great Arena

Tigrex - Great Arena

Diablos - Great Arena

Gravios - Great Arena

Kirin - Great Arena

Special Training

5 Total

Cephadrome - Desert

Plesioth - Jungle

Shogun Ceanataur - Volcano

Rathalos - Forest and Hills

Rajang - Snowy Mountain

G Rank Training

8 Total

Hypnoc - Ocean of Trees

Green Congalala - Kkto Jungle

Purple Daimyo Hermitaur - Kkto Desert

Narugakuruga - Ocean of Trees

Volganos - Volcano

Brown Blangonga -

Red Shogun Ceantaur -

Rajang - Kkto Volcano

Group Training

In Group Training, you can hunt with others via AD-HOC, or you can solo them, but they are tough when soloing, so be careful.

Practice Training

6 Total

Yian Kut-Ku - Great Arena

Cephadrome - Desert

Rathian - Jungle

Congalala - Great Arena

Shogun Ceanataur - Great Arena

Tigrex - Great Arena

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