Guild Low Rank

This is where your grand adventure in the world of Minegarde becomes one that will test your skills to the limit, up to 3 friends may join you, and it all begins with the Guild Low Rank Quests, these aren't very serious quests at the start, but soon become a little bit harder then the Elder Rank Quests.

HR:1 (1 Star Quests)

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HR:1 (2 Star Quests)

\begin{align} \bigstar \bigstar \end{align}

HR:1 (3 Star Quests)

\begin{align} \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \end{align}

HR:2 (4 Star Quests)

\begin{align} \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \end{align}

HR:3 (5 Star Quests)

\begin{align} \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \end{align}
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