Felyne Elder Rank

Felyne Elder Quests consist of solo missions that are considered to be of the "Advanced" difficulty. The Monster Materials obtained at this rank, will be the equavalent of the Guild High Rank. The Monster movements however will be that of a G Rank Monster, these quests will truly test even experts due to the increase of difficulty. This Rank also contains a single quest that will drop Monster Materials of the G Rank difficulty, and is infamous for being the most difficult quest, in the whole game!

7 Star Quest

\begin{align} \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \end{align}
Name Type Cost/Reward Monsters Time Limit Location
Twilight Butcher Slaying 600z/3600z Bulldrome, Bullfangos 50 min Swamp(Night) Rank Up
Shakalaka Fiesta Slaying 700z/4200z King Shakalaka, Shakalakas 50 min Arena
Meat Buffet! Slaying 550z/3300z Velociprey, Giaprey, Genprey, Ioprey 50 min Arena
Wings of the Queen Slaying 850z/5100z Queen Vespoid, Vespoid 50 min Jungle(Day)
Hunt the Hypnoc! Hunting 1200z/7200z Hypnoc, Velociprey 50 min OldForest(Day) Urgent
The Burning Dunes Hunting 800z/4800z Cephadrome, Gendrome 50 min Kkto Desert
Robbed in the Jungle! Hunting 1000z/6000z Gypceros, Melynx 50 min Kkto Swamp
Purple Poison Hunting 1100z/6600z Purple Gypceros, Bulldrome 50 min Swamp(Day)
Basarios: The Hunted Hunting 1150z/6900z Basarios, Hornetaur 50 min Kkto Swamp Rank Up
Walking Thunder Hunting 1150z/6900z Khezu, Ioprey 50 min Kkto Jungle Rank Up
Red Shadow in the Mountains Hunting 1250z/7500z Red Khezu, Giadrome 50 min SnwyMt(Day)
Congalala Blitz! Hunting 1200z/7200z Multiple Congalalas, Conga 50 min Swamp(Day) Rank Up
Daimyo Outbreak! Hunting 1200z/7200z Multiple Daimyo Hermitaurs, Hermitaur 50 min Jungle(Day)
Jungle Gauntlet! Extended 1400z/8400z Yian Kut-Ku, Daimyo Hermitaur 50 min Jungle(Day)

8 Star Quests

\begin{align} \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \end{align}
Name Type Cost/Reward Monsters Time Limit Location
Nest of Vipers! Slaying 1000z/6000z Iodrome, Remobra 50 min Great Arena
Slumber of the Old Forest Hunting 1750z/10500z 2 Hypnoc 50 min OldForest(Night) Rank Up
Eyes from the Deep Hunting 1250z/7500z Plesioth, Cephalos 50 min Kkto Desert
Green Tsunami Hunting 1800z/10800z 2 Green Plesioth 50 min Kkto jungle
Elegy of the Lone Wolf Hunting 1300z/7800z Yian Garuga, Great Thunder 50 min FnH(Night) Rank Up
Battle of the Blos Hunting 1300z/7800z Monoblos, Cephalos 50 min Desert(Day)
Blood and Silver Horns Hunting 2400/14400z Monoblos, White Monoblos 50 min Kkto Desert Urgent
Kut-Ku Mayhem! Hunting 1200z/7200z Multiple Yian Kut-Ku, Multiple Blue Yian Kut-Ku 50 min FnH(Day)
Basarios: Hunting Season Hunting 1350z/8100z Multiple Basarios 50 min Kkto Volcano
Flavour of the Commander…? Hunting 1500z/9000z Shogun Ceanataur, Ceanataur 50 min Volcano(Day) Rank Up
Blangongas! Hunting 1500z/9000z Blangongas, Blangos 50 min SnwyMt(Night) Rank Up
Desert Sturmkrieg Extended 2200z/13200z Plesioth, White Monoblos 50 min Desert(Day)
The Commander and the Jester Extended 2000z/12000z Congalala, Shogun Ceanataur 50 min Swamp(Night)
Sleeping Gas, Poison Fog Extended 2000z/12000z Gypceros, Hypnoc 50 min Jungle(Night)
Predators of Kokoto Jungle Extended 2200/13200z Khezu, Green Plesioth 50 min Kkto Jungle
The Visitor of Steel Slaying 1700z/10200z Kushala Daora 50 min Town
The Empress' Blazing Throne Slaying 1900z/11400z Lunastra 50 min Volcano(Day)
Blue Comet Slaying 1900z/11400z Lunastra 50 min Desert(Night)
Lao-Shan Lung Draws Near! Slaying 4000z/24000z Ash Lao-Shan Lung, Ioprey 35 min Fortress

9 Star Quests

\begin{align} \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \bigstar \end{align}
Name Type Cost/Reward Monsters Time Limit Location
Shadow of the Old Forest Hunting 1500z/9000z Naruga Kuruga, Kelbi 50 min OldForest(Day) Urgent
Jungle Assassin Hunting 1500z/9000z Naruga Kuruga, Aptonoth 50 min Kkto Jungle
Siblings from Hell Hunting 2500z/15000z 2 Tigrex 50 min SnwyMt(Night) Rank Up
The Smoking King Hunting 1450z/8700z Rathalos, Ioprey 50 min Kkto Volcano
Queen of the Desert Hunting 1350z/8100z Rathian, Genprey 50 min Kkto Desert
Lineage of the Royalty Hunting 3000z/18000z Azure Rathalos, Pink Rathian 50 min FnH(Night)
The One-Horned Devil Hunting 1450z/8700z Diablos, Genprey 50 min Desert(Night)
Four Spires Hunting 2700z/16200z 2 Black Diablos 50 min Kkto Desert
The Armored Champion Hunting 1450z/8700z Gravios, Iodrome 50 min Kkto Volcano
Black Lords of the Two Realms Hunting 2700z/16200z 2 Black Gravios 50 min Kkto Volcano
Eye in the Horizon Hunting 1650z/9900z Silver Rathalos 50 min Tower Rank Up
A Glint of Moonlight Hunting 1550z/9300z Gold Rathian 50 min Tower Rank Up
Wyverns of Land and Sky Hunting 3250z/19500z Gold Rathian, Silver Rathalos 50 min Kkto Swamp Rank Up
Rajang Assault! Hunting 1650z/9900z Rajang 50 min Volcano(Night) Rank Up
The Legendary Kirin Slaying 1500z/9000z Kirin, Great Thunderbug 50 min Kkto Jungle
Diamond Dust Extended 2350z/14100z Blangonga, Tigrex 50 min SnwyMt(Day)
Rage of the Armored Generals Extended 2350z/14100z Gravios, Shogun Ceanataur 50 min Volcano(Day)
Birds of a Feather Extended 2600z/15600z Yian Kut-Ku, Hypnoc, Yian Garuga 50 min FnH(Night)
Desert Gauntlet Extended 2800z/16800z Monoblos, Daimyo Hermitaur, Rathian 50 min Kkto Desert
The Elder Dragon of Mist Slaying 1800z/10800z Chameleos 50 min FnH(Day)
N/A Slaying 1800z/10800z Chameleos 50 min kkto Jungle
Absolute Death Slaying 2000z/12000z Teostra 50 min Town
N/A Slaying 2000z/12000z Teostra 50 min Swamp
Battle of the Fortresses Slaying 4000z/24000z Shen Gaoren, Ioprey 50 min Fortress Rank Up
Monster Hunter(G-Rank Materials) Extended 7000z/42000z Rathalos, Tigrex, Naruga Kuruga, Rajang 50 min Great Arena Available only after All other Felyne Elder Quests Cleared
Rise to the Summit Slaying 6000z/36000z Akantor 50 min Battleground Final Urgent(Always Appears as Urgent)

Upon completing all the quests in Felyne Elder, the Hunter(Player), receives the "Eagle Eye Piercing", a Helm type armor that gives instant Auto Tracker!

Unfortunately there is no G Rank, for solo purposes, so you must now turn your attention to the Guild Hall, and experience Hunting at its finest.

see also: Guild Low Rank, Guild High Rank, or Guild G Rank

Note: This rank is only available in MHP2ndG

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