Dual Sword

The Dual Swords allow users to wield two swords simultaneously, and in MHP2ndG, you can have two different elements, or status effects, or even element and status effects applied to your attacks. Talk about diversified, but the Dual Swords suffers in quick sharpness loss with use and a damage decrease for element damage, however it comes with a unique skill…Demonize. Demonize, allows the wielder to enter a somewhat trance, that will increase damage, change attacks, and allows the powerful Demon Dance, to be unleashed with the button combo /\ + O. Demonize also allows you to shake off minor hits and small windpress, but it will rapidly reduce stamina, and Demonize will end if you run out of stamina. You can't block with Dual Swords, but that is barely enough to say this weapon isn't devastating.

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